Tenant engagement and the involvement of other stakeholders

The Holding on Home team has put in place two measures to capture the voices of tenants and other key stakeholders within the study: the Tenant Steering Group; and, the Policy and Practice Advisory Group.

Tenant Steering Group

A Tenant Steering Group, comprising (up to 15) social housing tenants from across the country, is overseeing the work of the study team. It is inputting into all aspects of the research, including the study’s communication plans, the design of research instruments, and the selection of case studies. It will also review all research outputs. The Group is facilitated by Rob Gershon from the Housing Quality Network. The Group is convening at key stages of the research.

Policy and Practice Advisory Group

The Holding on to Home team is also receiving advice and guidance from a Policy and Practice Advisory Group, which comprises experts from policy, practice and academia. The Group is assisting the team to develop its research and communication plans, design research instruments and select case studies. It will also comment on all research outputs. The Group is convening at key stages of the research.

The Advisory Group members are: Dr Francesca Albanese (Crisis); Bethany Bale (Disability Rights UK);  Lee Bloomfield (BME National and Manningham Housing Association); Andy Brittan (Department for Work and Pensions);  Professor Katherine Brown (University of Hertfordshire); Leslie Channon (TAROE Trust);  Catherine Dennison (Nuffield Foundation); Professor Ken Gibb (UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence and the University of Glasgow); Rachael Orr (Placeshapers); Gavin Smart (The Chartered Institute of Housing); and, Thomas Weekes (Trussell Trust).