New report by the Holding on to home team: tenant survey findings

As part of the Holding on to home study, more than 1,200 social housing tenants of three case study landlords – East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Southern Housing, and Stockport Homes – were surveyed across England, between April and June last year. This new report presents the findings of the survey. The findings provide valuable learning about the financial difficulties and labour market precarity facing many social housing tenants, and the consequences of these in the form of rent arrears, other debts, going without essentials, and using food banks. Financial precarity is found to be further compounded by the rising cost-of-living, changes to the benefit system, and automatic deductions from their income, with implications for tenancy sustainment. Those currently in rent arrears are, therefore, the tip of an iceberg wherein many more tenants are struggling to pay their rent as well as meet their other basic needs. These findings therefore have implications for national policy (in relation, for example, to the operation of the benefit system, labour market and tenure security, and equality), can help inform social landlords’ support and engagement activities, and will be of interest to local and national charities working with low income households, or campaigning to address poverty and inequality.

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